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Social Networking: Post to be private

Setting your page to private is smart, and a step in the right direction — but who’s on your friends list? Don’t give just anyone access to your world. Watch this video about social networking. Use these activity cards to follow up the video.

Stuff to Know

  • Keep your personal information private
  • Only add friends you know in real life
  • Set your page and blog to private
  • Use a nickname that doesn’t identify your location, gender, or age
  • Never meet in person with anyone you have first met online
  • Alter your pictures before you post them to remove identifying information
  • Profile and photo share only with people on your friends list
  • Don’t post your plans or whereabouts on your site
  • Ignore harassing or rude comments posted on your profile
  • Think about the possible consequences of the information and photos you post
  • Never post sexually provocative photos