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Link tv Know the News: Current Events

Know the news is part of Link tv, where it give viewers a perspective on world news that might not be typically seen in the United States.

One is a Remixer activity where students can edit news clips of the same event from different countries or networks, add their own commentary, and post it online. Teachers need to register in order for their classes to participate.

It also has a News Challenge game that can be played without registering. Two different short news clips are shown, and then questions are asked about them.

Finally, in its Watch and Rate exercise, viewers rate different clips on journalistic qualities.

A new type of news reporting: Illustrated Columns (Current Events)

Maria Kalman is an artist and a journalist. She has started a new form of news media called, “Illustrated Columns”. Click here to read “Back to the Land”. This illustrated column should spark conversation about the way the information is spread as well as the message about using organic food. It is a great tie in to our organic garden at school!

Use these questions for discussion:

  1. Is there anything surprising or humorous about this post?
  2. What does Kalman think has changed as America evolved from its original, agrarian society?
  3. What are the goals of the Edible Schoolyard project?
  4. Which is your favorite image in the post? Why? Why do you think she chose not to include any paintings or drawings in this post?
  5. How would you characterize Kalman’s style?

Want to have students create their own illustrated columns? Use this template to help them. You can easily post their illustrated columns on a wiki or a blog.
Or have them illustrate a news article that is already written by using this story board template.

Current Events: A Year in Review

Challenge your students to create a year in review for 2009. If you could only pick 10 important things that happened in 2009, what would they be? You can take this a step ahead and have students find pictures and create powerpoint presentations or photostories that represent what they think was important in the world this year.

For inspiration, Reuters has begun their 100 pictures of the year series.
Also, Wikipedia has a list of things that happened in 2009.

Current Events: CSPAN student cam 2010

C-SPAN’s StudentCam is an annual national video documentary competition that encourages students to think seriously about issues that affect our communities and our nation. Students are asked to create a short (5-8 minute) video documentary that responds to one of the topics listed below.

This Year’s StudentCam Topic:

Students are asked to create a 5-8 minute documentary on:

A) One of our country’s greatest strengths;


B) A challenge the country is facing.

Choose one, grab a camera, and get started on your documentary today!

This could be a great advisor activity that could last the entire month of December!