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teens for jeans campaign!

Starting Monday, February 2nd, until Friday, February 20th we will be supporting the aeropostale and’s jean drive for homeless teenagers. The advisor that collects the most jeans for charity will win a jeans dress down day! All you have to do is bring in any used jeans and drop them off in the bin in your advisor room. Watch the spokesperson for this campaign, Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl below:

In your advisory groups, you can learn more about homeless teens here:
11 facts about homeless youths

11 causes of teen homelessness

11 effects of teen homelessness

Take this opportunity to talk to your advisors about homeless teens. You can encourage your group to create posters for the drive if you want. This is a great opportunity to help our kids do a community service project that they can connect to in advisory group.

Decision Making

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Everywhere you turn, there is another decision to be made. In fact decision or choice making is part of everyday life. If you are alive and conscious, then every day, day in and day out, week after week, month after month, year after year there are choices/decisions to be made.

Click here for some decision making strategies.


Click here for some famous historical inaugural speeches.

Here you’ll find a schedule of events for Obama’s inauguration.

Below you will find a collection of inaugural addresses from Roosevelt to Bush. They are the entire speeches put on here for reference.