Monthly Archives: October 2008

…..and the topics are….

Drum roll, please…

Alli: Schindler and Upstanders of the Holocaust
Jake: The UN
Alex: Michael J. Fox and Parkinson’s
Kyle: Autism Awareness
Jill: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Anna: Peace Corps
Nisha: World Wildlife Federation
Emily: Alex’s Lemonade and Childhood Cancer
Douglas: Nikola Tesla and the Electric Current
Lane: Al Gore and Global Warming
Miriam: ASPCA
Brianna: PETA and Ingrid Newkirk
Allison: Homelessness in America
Casey: Susan G. Komen and Breast Cancer Awareness
Evan: Renewable Energy
Bradley: William Penn
Maisie: Steve Irwin and Australian Animal Conservation
Jack A.: Bobby Kennedy and Civil Rights
Tiffany: Make a Wish Foundation and Terminal Childhood Illness Research/Awareness
Lena: Suffragist Movement
Lizzy: American Red Cross and Water Safety
Taylor: Jane Goodall
Courtney: Guide Dog Foundation and Education/Technology for the Blind
Avery: Therapeutic Animals
Michael: George Bush
Nelson: Colin Powell
Alec: NASA
Emma: Save the Dolphins
Aaron: ALS Association
Shane: Ben Franklin
Jack Z.: Greenpeace


One of the great things about humans is that each has a personality of his or her own. Each person comes with a unique combination of qualities. Think about the positive qualities people can have. Talk about:

  • What qualities do you admire in your friends?
  • Think about someone you admire. What qualities do you admire in that person?
  • Think about your heroes. What qualities does he/she have that you like?

It is said that any quality you admire is really yours.

Government Respect

How does government “of, by, and for the people” depend on respect? Write an essay connecting the concepts of democracy and respect. How is listening to different points of view a sign of respect and a cornerstone of democracy? What is it about the concept of democracy that relies upon mutual respect among people? How is the very concept of democracy related to respect for the individual?